About Us

Sakmar Mokume-Gane is a modern form of this ancient art. Each individual bar of Mokume starts out as 45 to 89 individual layers of copper, brass, or nickel silver or any combination, the individual pieces are meticulously cleaned and then fused under heat and pressure. Each billet is approximately 2′ x 6″ long. Depending on the pattern we want to achieve, depends on how to proceed if a twisted pattern is desired, the bar would be drawn out into an octagon and then twisted and then forged into the desired shape oversized to be machine to eliminate any surface delamination. And the pattern runs completely through the bar, as in like a random pattern that would just be forged down to desired thickness.

The ladder and raindrop patterns are made using a ball nose end mill. Essentially, the billet is forged to a thickness that’s about 3 to 4 times thicker than what the finished bar would be. Then the grooves are cut into the bar using a ball nose end mill. The bar is re-forged flat and then grooves are created from those grooves by disrupting the layers with balls on the end of an end mill.

Mission Statement

Quality is the main focus of Sakmar Enterprises and one reason for so many of our repeat customers.

Who We Are

Mike Sakmar resides in Howell Michigan and makes mokume for many different customers, and for almost as many purposes.

Examples of what our mokume has been used on include custom knife handles, pens, tattoo machines, some jewelry, rifle parts (trigger guards, muzzle break thread protectors), whistles, money clips, flashlights, spinning tops, EDC desk art, golf clubs and the possibilities are endless.

Our Business

Mike has been making custom knives since 1990 and mokume since 1997. His perfectionism and attention to details are apparent in everything he does. Sakmar Enterprises was established when Mike realized his custom knife and mokume making could not be considered a “hobby” any longer.

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