Terms & Conditions

These bars are still made of brass, copper and nickel silver, however, they are either stacked in a different layer configuration or patterned in a different way than our normal offerings.

Some of these bars are more expensive than our normal mokume due to the increased copper content and/or the additional time required to make this particular type of billet.

Please note the picture is not the bar you are buying, taking pictures of mokume is difficult. Also, the bar will tarnish naturally over time.

If you are not satisfied with the bar you receive you are welcome to exchange it for another bar or return it for a refund of the purchase price, not including the shipping cost, as long as it is unaltered.

Also, please be aware as you work with our material and shape it to your needs the pattern comes out even more, however, if you are removing material to obtain a desired thickness you will want to remove it from the back to retain more of the pattern.

Our rates are based on the volume of the bar and are calculated on the measurement listed, although we typically leave our bars slightly oversized for the benefit of the buyer. Shipping charge is based on USPS Priority Mail within the United States. Please contact us for shipping charges internationally.

Any bar listed on our website can be purchased with a check/money order, just e-mail us with the information on the bar you want and that you are sending a check, and we’ll remove the bar from the website to reserve it for you and mail it to you once payment has been received.

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