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Sakmar mokume, made with brass, copper, and/or nickel silver, is offered in either a two-color or a three-color combination. Typically, the two color is copper and nickel silver and the three color is copper, nickel silver and brass.

The current patterns offered are pictured below. The twist and random patterns run throughout the bar, however, any other patterns (for example, raindrop, ladder or long ladder) the pattern only goes about halfway through the bar. The back of the bar on those patterns is a nice random pattern.

Round bar stock is also available. It is offered in either two colors or three colors and in a twist and random patterns. Please see the 2 Color Round or 3 Color Round page for more pictures and a list of the round stock available.


Sakmar mokume is guaranteed against delamination unless you attempt to reforge or reduce it with a rolling mill. Return any bar with a flaw for a refund or replacement.

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